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Investech Technology Consultants Part of the Nova Principa Group (Luxembourg) SA  


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Investech & IIR form new business alliance

Investech has formed a new business Alliance with IIR Executive Development. This will provide a focus for delivery of its popular Seminars to Industry.

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Welcome to Investech

Specialist Technology Consultants to the Professional Financial Community.

Investech Technology Consultants is an independent dedicated consultancy catering specifically to the unique requirements of the professional financial community; Institutional Funds Managers, Hedge Funds, Venture Capitalists, Investment Banks and Brokers.

With over 40 years of experience  as working practioners in Information and Communications we use our background, knowledge and experience to make technology understandable. Moreover, we provide the relevant detailed, timely assistance necessary to help the professional financial community make better informed investment decisions.

We specialise in providing services to those clients who are directly involved in investing in the technology-based organisations. We treat them in the Technology and Telecommunications sectors.

With your own investment advisers, you may feel that you are already well informed. In fact, you may feel that nobody could be any better informed than you. You are right !

Investech Technology Consultants does not offer investment advice , since your analysts already do that very well ! We offer an enhancement to your own resources in technology-based equities and investments.

By distilling input from our peers, partners  and other experts in their fields, we provide the necessary insight into the industry that an investor needs to analyse an investment.

Our site is more than just a content delivery platform - it is a useful tool to supplement our clients' research process by facilitating total interaction with Investech. Within this site clients will find data, educational material, trends, reasoning, and insight - all the things necessary to test out their hypotheses of the sector, a particular technology or company. A holistic approach which will enable them to make better investment decisions.

So how do we do this? ..... By adhering to a tried and true methodology of essential knowledge transfer; based on providing  Insight and  Education , reinforced with Research . Click on this link to better undertsand Our Approach.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."    — Albert Einstein.